Live video at scale in 30 days

We delivered a custom browser-based live video Q&A event platform able to support thousands of concurrent viewers on day one.
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The Challenge

Hallo is the future of student recruiting. It’s a start-up that connects students with companies through live Q&A events. After seeing massive success with their text-based events, they ask Apollo to bring video to their product.

Hallo is obsessive about user experience. They want to give companies the ability to host events with any browser, and no software to install. And it's not uncommon for an event to have over a thousand students.

The Prep

We take the time to understand Hallo's specific needs. What is their intended scale? What is their business objective and success criteria? And what is their long term vision for video? Key features include to recording events, multiple hosts, screen-sharing, and real-time interactivity with hundreds of students.

We start with market research, looking at video services for real time videos, open source tools, and performance monitoring. We have discussions with Hallo on what services to leverage, and what to build. Based on feedback, we found two viable approaches, and quickly prototype each in a few days.

The Build

After learning a lot from the prototypes, we choose a solution to move forward with. Even with a tight deadline, the early exploration and prototyping helps us detect issues early, and, ultimately, helps us deliver faster.

With the long term goals in mind, we narrow down the initial scope of the project and start building the MVP. Once we have a solid, working foundation that actual users can beta test, we optimize, fix bugs, browser test, and layer on new features. We take this incremental approach to reduce risk.

In about 30 days, we deliver a custom browser-based live video event platform able to support thousands of concurrent viewers on day one! Shortly after, we release recording, screen sharing, and other key features.

We are excited by clients like Hallo, because video is a fundamental shift in their business, creating a new dimension of engagement. Video can help hosts connect with students on a more personal level. Hosts can now bring a presentation to life with pictures, product demos, and video clips.

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